Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

My daughter turned me on to these things one night during a grilling marathon, everyone wanted something different. So she decided on these...

If you really love the taste of bacon but still want to get your daily dose of vegetables then this is the dish for you. A perfect side dish for beef.

Although it is best to use fresh green beans,  you can use frozen (thawed), or canned green beans. Just be sure to use the regular cut not the French cut.

What you’ll need

  • One can of whole green beans (or the equivalent of fresh beans)
  • 1 lb of bacon strips

        How It’s Done

  • Cut your bacon in half
  • Gather about 5 green beans together and wrap them with the bacon strip. (if the bacon will not stay in place, secure with toothpicks which have been soaked in water).
  • Place on a preheated grill, turning every few minutes for even doneness.
  • If the weather is too bad they can also be done in a conventional oven by placing them on a cookie sheet, in a 350 degree oven for about 15 - 20 minutes or until the bacon is done to your likeness.


  • If you wish you can also season the green beans prior to wrapping with a little fresh ground black pepper , garlic powder or whatever your little heart desires. 
  • For something different, try substituting asparagus for the green beans.