Sides, Sides, Sides

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Bacon and Veggies….What could be better 


Beer Batter Onion Rings 



This Pub favorite is Light, Tasty and  Delicious    


A little sweet a little vinegary…cool and refreshing. Excellent as a side or to top a delicious Pulled Pork of Brisket sandwich.


Mexican Bean Salad.           


A perfect cool, crisp side dish for any BBQ.

Grilled Mac & Cheese 


An all time great comfort food prepared outdoors on the grill

Matts Mex-Tex Rice

One of those “Perfect Rice, Every Time” kind of dishes. Delicious rice with a Southwest flair.

Old Settlers Baked Beans


This is NOT your same old Pork & Beans. This is THE baked beans you are going to want to serve at all your cookouts

Raclette Cheese

Warm gooey Swiss and Glouda cheese. Dip in a slice of warm bread and your off to the races…. 

Southwestern Saffron Rice


A package of yellow saffron rice from almost any store along with 4 simple ingredients and you have a delicious unique rice dish.

Vegetable & Fruit Medley  

Not only a Healthy but also a very delicious  summertime side.