Sides, Sides, Sides

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Bacon and Veggies….What could be better 


Beer Batter Onion Rings 



This Pub favorite is Light, Tasty and  Delicious    


A little sweet a little vinegary…cool and refreshing. Excellent as a side or to top a delicious Pulled Pork of Brisket sandwich.


Mexican Bean Salad.           


A perfect cool, crisp side dish for any BBQ.

Grilled Mac & Cheese 


An all time great comfort food prepared outdoors on the grill

Matts Mex-Tex Rice

One of those “Perfect Rice, Every Time” kind of dishes. Delicious rice with a Southwest flair.

Old Settlers Baked Beans


This is NOT your same old Pork & Beans. This is THE baked beans you are going to want to serve at all your cookouts

Raclette Cheese

Warm gooey Swiss and Glouda cheese. Dip in a slice of warm bread and your off to the races…. 

Southwestern Saffron Rice


A package of yellow saffron rice from almost any store along with 4 simple ingredients and you have a delicious unique rice dish.

Vegetable & Fruit Medley  

Not only a Healthy but also a very delicious  summertime side.

Stuffed Jalapeños

BBQ 045

Stuffed Jalapeños are a very popular side dish, especially here in Texas. How you make them is limited only by your imagination, and if your worried about them being too spicy just remember… the longer you cook them the less spicy they are.