Mexican Spice Mix

Mexican Spice Mix.jpg

An excellent all around seasoning you can use in so many dishes. I keep a jar of this in my spice rack and use it all the time. Adds a nice southwestern flair to your dish.

Basic Rib Rub

Although most people buy store bought rubs, many people decide to be adventurous and create their own. Here is a good “basic” rub that you can use as is or modify it to suit your own tastes. 

Simon & Garfunkel Rub

This is a delicious rub from “Meathead” Goldwyn, award winning BBQ Guru and author. Keep a jar of this on hand. It is not only excellent on poultry and steaks but also on potato’s and vegetables. 

Black Magic Finishing Sauce


A wonderful “Finishing” sauce from the Late.. Great.. Matt Martinez. As Matt would say… "Black Magic Doesn't reveal its ingredients in the finished product - it only enhances the finished product”.

Bear Sauce

bbq sauce

 This a good…nay... GREAT BBQ sauce. As with the rubs, this is a sauce you can “tweak” to your own liking and hopefully become your own “signature” sauce. 

Hoisin Sauce

Several times when I was making Asian inspired pork or chicken dishes I found I did not have any Hoisin Sauce. I mean, it’s not like I use it everyday. So I found this recipe for it and tried it out. It was great. So much so that I am including it here, for anyone else who may have forgotten to pick some up at the store.

Teriyaki Ginger Glaze this is another one of those, forgot it at the store type of things. I was going to do some salmon on the grill and needed a glaze. Found this recipe and it is now my go-to glaze for fish and chicken. 

Wet Brine

Poultry Brine.jpg

Brining is a method used by many cooks on meats that have very little fat (such as poultry) to keep the meat moist during long smoking sessions.