Chicken & Turkey  (Yard Bird)

Although beef still reigns supreme in Texas BBQ… poultry, especially chicken has taken the lead in consumption around the country. In 1970 consumption of beef  was almost double that of poultry. By 1988 poultry was becoming increasingly more popular and  the gap had narrowed to…no gap. As much poultry as beef was being consumed in the United States. However that trend has continued… the per capita totals for 2018 show poultry consumption (109.7) is almost double that of beef (57.1). This according to The National Chicken Council.

Smoked Turkey 

smoked turkey

If you have been cooking your turkey in your oven all these years…STOP. Your have to try smoked turkey at least once. 

Smoked Chicken 

smoked chicken

Smoked Chicken is not only delicious but is cheap. I usually do 2 sometimes 3 chickens at a time which yields more then enough meat for my family for a week. 

Buffalo Wings 

Chicken Wings resize.jpg

Probably one of the most popular game day dishes. 

Flat Iron Chicken 

Flat Iron Chicken is one of the fastest and most delicious ways to grill a whole bird.

Southwestern Chicken Roulade

Roulade comes from the French word “Roule”, or Roll. It is simply a meat which is rolled up with some type of filling. The filling can be anything from a cheese type spread, vegetables or even another type of meat.