Brisket 101

Cuts of Beef.jpeg

A beginners look at where a brisket come from and what it looks like and how its constructed. 

Brisket 102  

Trimming, Cooking, Time, Temperature and delicious Burnt Ends

Moink Balls

Moink balls

Moink Balls…Strange name I know…but you will NEVER regret making these little jewels. An appetizer every meat lover will love. I promise you. If you make these with company at your house …. most will be gone before they make it 10 feet.

   Smoked Brisket     

Smoked Brisket

Absolutely nothing beats a nice slow smoked Brisket. Slices…Burnt Ends or Chopped. 

A big ol’ Fatty (Smoked Meatloaf) 

If you like meatloaf…and you LOVE bacon, then this is your next project. I guarantee you will not regret it. 

Texas Shooters 


 If you have ever been to a White Castle or a Krystals and had one of their “Sliders” that is pretty much what a Texas Shooter is, only with a Texas Twist 

Pigs in a Blanket 

The name implies that those cute little franks are pork. Well…maybe they are and maybe they aren’t… since you can buy those cocktail franks either in pork or beef. Your choice.

South Pacific Steak

steak kabob

If you like steak…and you like the pacific islands…your going to LOVE this meal