Buffalo Wings

Chicken Wings.jpg

Sweet, Savory and Delicious. The perfect game time snack. 

Smoked Chicken


Smoking a whole chicken is fast and easy. I usually do two at a time which gives me more then enough meat for the week which can be used for anything from Chicken sandwiches or chicken pot pie to stir fry.  

Pulled Pork


Delicious and slow smoked pulled pork. So many uses including Tamales, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Enchiladas, Tostitos etc….   

Smoked Brisket

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Moist, tender and slow smoked to perfection. Whether it be Hot & Fast or Low & Slow, brisket is a stapple of most every Q’er...especially in the Great State of Texas.

Brisket 101

Learn how to spot a Brisket, where it comes from, how its packaged and how to pick one out. We also go into different grades of USDA beef and what to look for when shopping. We even explain the process of Wet Aging and how smoke affects the meat. 

Simply click...Briskets 101..and find out all you need to know about a wonderful traditional cut of meat…………… The Brisket.

Brisket 102


With the continuation of our journey through the wonderful world of Briskets, we will be explaining in detail several different methods of  cooking/smoking  a brisket. 

We also explain about those highly prized snacks we call “Burnt Ends”.

Just click on “Briskets 102” to be enlightened.  

Moink Balls                                            

Moink Balls 3

Moink Balls are an absolutely delicious treat made consisting of seasoned meat balls (ground beef or sausage) wrapped in bacon. If you can get your hands on a Raspberry Jalapeño jam for a dipping sauce…WOW. 

Smoked “Fatty

Basket weave bacon around a meatloaf, slow smoke it and you have a delicious and unique "Meat & Potatoes” kind of dinner. 

Pigs in a Blanket

pigs in a blanket

A quick and easy gameday snack. I always have the necessary ingredients on hand at all times.