Smoked Meatloaf



Smoked Meatloaf...or “Fatty” as it is otherwise known, is a great way to change up the usual “meat and potatoes” dinner. Not only does it taste great but it really looks good to.

    Simply make up your meatloaf as usual;  I used what I had around the house for this one...1Lb of  85/15 ground beef and 1Lb. of hot breakfast sausage.

    Seasoned it up with some diced Onion, Basil, Thyme, Old Bay seasoning, Salt and Pepper.  If I had some Bell Pepper in the house I would have diced some of that up for it also... but I didn’t.

    Let the meat sit for a little bit while you lay out a piece of plastic wrap. Take a package of bacon (I used a 12oz package) and lay the pieces in a basket weave design on the plastic wrap. This may take a little practice but it is actually quite simple once you get the pattern going.

   Lay your meatloaf in the center of the bacon and form to within 1” of the end.

Grab the plastic wrap closest to you and fold the bacon over the meat, pulling the wrap away at the same time. Once the bacon is completely around the meatloaf, gently pat it in place and form the ends.

    Place the loaf on a wire rack in a pan with the seam side down and place it on your smoker. Smoke uncovered at about 225F - 250F for about 2 hours or until you achieve an internal temperature of  at least 170F. Cover with foil and allow to sit for a few minutes before slicing.