Pecan Smoked Chicken



After a couple months of cold wet weather, I couldn’t wait to fire up the smokers again. While I was at the store, I found these two chickens on sale. Nothing like having some smoked chicken on hand for all sorts of dishes from Stir-Fry to Tetrazzini.

After a rinse and a little trimming, they were dried and sprayed with a little (canola oil) cooking spray. Each was then liberally coated with a different commercial chicken rub. I trussed them with some special silicone bands (similar to rubber bands). It was much easier and faster then using string.

Then onto the smoker with some pecan chunks at a temperature of 250 F. for about 2 1/2 hours.

Once I got an internal temp of 165 F they were ready to come off. After they were allowed to cool some, the meat was stripped and I now have the basis for several different meals.


Normally I would use what was leftover after stripping the meat and make a nice chicken stock, however because of the seasonings that I used I find the stock turns out much darker and more pungent then what I prefer.