Grilled Sausage Trio

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Had a family gathering this last weekend and I was lucky enough to get a few pounds of freshly made sausage from my good friend and sausage maker,  Jeremy Smyers. He has been making sausage for several years and makes some of the best sausage I have ever tasted. He also makes some excellent bacon.

   This particular day I grilled up some Italian Sausage - perfectly seasoned and made with, among other things,  Fresh Pork and Organic Bell Peppers (red, yellow and green) Thyme, Oregano, Fennel Seeds and Red Wine . Also a Jalapeño Sausage which contained the perfect amount of heat and last but certainly not least a good traditional Smoked Sausage.

   Since the Italian sausage was uncooked, I simply grilled it whole until it was done, then sliced it with the jalapeño and smoked sausage and grilled them to release all those tremendous mouthwatering flavors.

   If you are ever in the Dallas (Texas) area do yourself a huge favor and pick up some Smyers Quality Sausage from Jeremy, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

And no I am not being compensated for this is simply just that good. Contact him directly at: