Chicken Cups

                 their not really chicken “Cups” per se. They are more like chicken “Made” in cups. I saw this done at a BBQ competition once and have wanted to try it myself.

   The chicken is simply marinated then cooked in regular muffin pans. Although you can surely cook them in an oven, I of course had to do mine on the grill. It was simple, delicious and only one pan to clean up.


What You’ll Need

 12 - Chicken Thighs - boneless, skinless

1 Cup - Italian Salad Dressing  (for use as marinade)

1 - Muffin Pan - 12 cups

1/2 Cup - Dry Rub for Chicken


How It’s done

    Place your thighs (not yours...the chickens) in a ziploc plastic bag along with the Salad Dressing. Marinate several hours...or better yet, overnight. 

   Preheat your oven / grill to about 350F - 375F.  

      If your using a grill, use indirect heat. If it’s gas turn off the burners on one side of the grill. Use this side for the food and control the heat with the other. Medium to Medium High on one burner should provide about 350F in most grills. 


Stuff each thigh into a cup of the muffin pan. Sprinkle with your favorite dry rub made for chicken.


  Bake for about 30 minutes or until you have an internal temp. of  180F.

Allow to cool slightly, remove from pan onto drying rack or paper towel. 



    Unlike breasts, chicken thighs are very forgiving when cooking and difficult to overcook. Subsequently the temperature of the grill is not as important as getting that internal temperature. If your grill is a little hotter, it won’t take as long. If its a little cooler, you might have to cook it a little longer. 

    Once cooked the chicken cups can be used in salads, with rice, sauced or even alone. You can cool them and either refrigerate or freeze. Pop one out when ready and microwave and you have a quick snack or meal. 

    Instead of marinating you can simply put a tablespoon of butter in the bottom of each cup and sprinkle each thigh with garlic powder before forming them into the cup.